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Making Sure You’re Getting The Right Debt Professional

Making Sure You’re Getting The Right Debt Professional | GEM Debt Law

Debt can be stressful enough on its own. Imagine having to also look for someone you can trust for advice and services. I am sure that if you do a quick Google search, thousands of individuals will pop up with the same services available to help you. Picking the right one may seem impossible.

The best debt specialists are those who know what they are doing and can get the job done when it comes to offering life-changing debt solutions. These solutions can be for things such as Consumer Proposals, Bankruptcy, or Debt Settlement. A debt specialist will get you back on the right path and as we like to say it, “we don’t just put a bandage on the wound, we close the wound completely”. When looking for a debt specialist, consider the following.

1. Accreditation

Possessing accreditation means the debt professional is legally authorized to help Canadians eliminate debt through a Consumer Proposal, Bankruptcy, and other legal negotiations. Education and being familiar with the law is also mandatory as the debt specialist is expected to act in your best interest.

2. Transparency

There are thousands of ads up on the market offering to help people with their debts. The real debt specialists have fixed fees and no hidden expenses to worry about. While others are trying to charge support and advice fees and do not guarantee to get you out of debt.

3. Tuition Costs and CRA Debt

Student loans and CRA Debts can only be solved by familiarized and experienced debt specialists. The truth is that not everyone offering debt help can help with student loans or CRA. Dealing with CRA and Student Loan debt requires specific skills and knowledge that very few firms have. Be careful who you trust, and remember, ask lots of questions!

4. Free Consultation. 100% No Obligation or Fees

A debt specialist will always offer a completely free and confidential conversation to anyone who reaches out for help. From there, they will decide what the best service and solution fits your situation best going forward. They will present those solutions to you and explain the process of each, be it a consumer proposal, bankruptcy, debt settlement, or any other solutions.

It’s hard to start the debt-free journey, but when you do, it will make a significant change to yourself and your loved ones. We are trusted by and have already changed the lives of many families. Our professional team is ready to help you as well.

Ready to become debt-free? Contact one of our specialists through our contact form or at 1866.570.9988 at a convenient time for you.

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