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Avoid Bankruptcy – Get Debt Free

Want to Boost your Credit Score?

First, Lose The Debt…

Carrying around too much debt to your name weighs down your credit report. This makes it very difficult to increase your credit score. Debt Settlement should be the first step to increase your score. Let Gem Debt Law eliminate the debts and then, watch your credit score climb.

Clients of Gem Debt Law often report an increase in their credit score, while enrolled in our Debt Settlement program.

Entering a Debt Settlement program may be the only option to improve your credit, contrary to popular misconception.

Drop your debt load; boost your credit score.

Make no mistake, the size of your unpaid debt and the duration that debt balances remain unpaid is key component of calculating credit scores. Just paying the minimums on each account balance does not count. It won’t increase your score. Start by reducing your debts – Contact Gem Debt Law.

Think a Debt Consolidation Loan will solve your credit problem?

With too many debts, you won’t qualify for a Debt Consolidation Loan.

Consumers falsely believe they can borrow out of debt, but personal loan companies ensure their underwriting algorithms reject applicants who debt stack. That is, take on too many debts, or debts too large to service or substantially pay down the principal balance, within a reasonable timeframe.

In fact, Personal Loan Companies offering Debt Consolidation Loans, report over 85% of loan applications are denied.

Avoid the frustration of applying online for loans and the “Pre-Approval” that inevitably ends in Application Denied.

However, once you reduce a portion of your total debt, you may actually get approved for that loan.

Though some clients prefer to rid their life of more loans and lines-of-credit, others however, may wish to take out a loan again. Gem Debt Law offers the opportunity and freedom to rebuild financially and have the choices available to live on your own terms.

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