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Avoid Bankruptcy – Get Debt Free

Personal Debt Resolution to
financially restore YOU.

Before considering a consumer proposal or bankruptcy, find out how Debt Settlement can benefit you. Besides silencing aggressive collectors and protecting your property from seizure, Debt Settlement can also improve your credit score.

Your score can increase once settlement of an account is noted on your credit report, as Settled-in-Full. Before this happens, an agreement must be reached with the collection agency or the bank and their lawyers, to reduce the balance due on the account. So, you only pay what you can afford – to close the account. For example, a collector agrees to accept 35% of the balance and once that’s paid, the debt is gone forever.

For each account, Gem Debt Law negotiates the lowest possible settlement…until you are debt free.

Without extensive debt to your name, you are able to qualify for lower interest loans and new credit cards. When these are handled responsibly, this can remarkably improve your credit score.

too much debt? we can help you get out of debt.

For Homeowners

If you are a homeowner, then save your home from lawsuits, enforcement of liens and seizure under Power-of-Sale.

Gem Debt Law can negotiate lien removals and leverage the property’s equity to expedite the process of settling unsecured debts (i.e. credit cards, lines-of-credit, etc.).

Debts can be eliminated within a timeframe of under one month.


Homeowners with maxed-out credit and overdue bills, often take on a second or third mortgage, which provides quick funds, to consolidate these debts.


However, instead of just paying debts in full (interest and all), Gem Debt Law can make use of the mortgage funds to settle your debts, for much less than owing. We negotiate each outstanding account, so you pay less than 50% of the balance (after interest waived), to Settle-in-Full.

Usually, we save clients enough to have extra funds left over, for their own spending.

For Non-Homeowners

If you are not a homeowner, we can create a unique debt relief plan by leveraging your income, various funding sources and your hidden financial potential, etc… We begin by raising funds to use as settlement offers and if you require further funds, you may qualify for a low interest debt consolidation loan… Contact us for more information.


Through negotiations, using available funds to offer minimal settlements, your debts to creditors can be reduced to a small percentage of the amount owing and paid-off completely.

Why Avoid Bankruptcy?

Consumer Proposal ( “CP” ) and Bankruptcy should be treated as a last resort only. Here’s why:

  • Before CP begins, you must surrender credit cards.
    • Before Bankruptcy, you may be required to surrender property and other assets. 
  • During CP, you cannot qualify for loans or credit.
    • CP takes up to 5 years to pay-off debts to creditors. 
  • CP and Bankruptcy status is left on your credit report for 6+ years.
  • CP requires not only repayment of debts, BUT ALSO, additional payment towards your property equity and value of other assets.
  • Under CP and Bankruptcy, some licenced professionals must discontinue their license.

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