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Frequently Asked Questions about our Debt Resolution Programs

What do we offer?

We stop the collectors from calling you. When your creditors and their collection agents are harassing you for payment, we order them to contact GEM instead. We negotiate with them directly and get the best deal possible for you. We have achieved for our clients up to 80% off their outstanding debt.

Why can't I just settle my debts on my own?

You can, but you won’t save nearly as much as we typically save our clients and you will be left vulnerable to collectors’ ruthless tactics. Collectors are trained to not only make your life miserable, but also maximize the information gathered from speaking with you and those close to you. This enables collectors to access your available income or assets, etc…. They will resort to garnishment of wages or bank accounts, seizures, etc…. GEM knows how to end the collections process immediately.

Will your fees cost more than what you save me?

Our fees are performance based, so it’s mathematically impossible to pay more than we save you. By the end of the program, clients typically pay far less in total than they would owe to their creditors. In fact, clients often save several thousand dollars on each of their debts, even after paying our invoice.

What is the difference between Debt Settlement and Bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy was designed to be your last resort and has a devastating effect on your credit rating. Debt settlement is a bankruptcy prevention alternative that expediently restores your financial freedom, without the long-term disadvantages that come with bankruptcy.

Does my debt have to be in a collection agency to be included in your program?

No. Our program works for all types of debt.

I'm a homeowner. Can this help?

Yes. This is the fastest way to clear your debt and get on with your life. We may be able to clear your debts in as little as 2-3 weeks.

Will GEM Debt Law's relief Program affect my mortgage?

No. We strongly encourage you to keep your mortgage payments, property taxes and utility payments up-to-date. We understand the importance of the investment made in your home and we want you to protect it. Provided you are in good standing with these payments, your mortgage account will not be affected by any negotiations with the creditors.

Can I get credit after the Program ends?

Yes. You can get credit after going through the program by starting with a secured credit card. GEM also provides ongoing advice to improve your credit, as part of our Credit Rehab.

Does my debt have to be in a collection agency to be included in your program?

No. Our program works for all types of debt.

Should I include all of my debts in the Debt Resolution Program?

We will advise on which debts to include, but it is important to disclose all your debts, so we understand your entire situation and set you on the best path to financial recovery.

What are my responsibilities throughout the debt settlement Program?

Your main responsibility is to follow the budget that we agree on and to make your monthly payments as planned. Successfully negotiating with all your creditors requires that you work closely with GEM and follow the customized plan.

Will I receive phone calls from bill collectors?

No. Once you are enrolled in our program, collectors are legally obligated to cease calling you and contact us only.

Will I get collection Letters from a bill collector?

Yes. Creditors almost always send collection letters. These are automated letter campaigns sent to millions of people every month to scare them into paying. Upon receiving any collection letter, send us a copy to add to your file, so that we can stay on top of your situation.

Are you a Law Firm?

Yes, we are a law firm with in-house lawyers, paralegals, financial advisors and accountants; as well, our firm maintains a network of external consultants. We legally represent your interests and oppose any actions taken by creditors, removing you from the line of fire. GEM’s lawyer privileged program ensures your legal rights are protected and strict client confidentiality conceals certain personal information from creditors and their collectors.

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