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Avoid Bankruptcy – Get Debt Free

6 Steps of How-it Works to understand how we resolve your debts.

In a Nutshell

GEM negotiates the terms of your debt with each creditor and strives to settle-off every debt for lesser amounts than what is owing.

This can save you thousands of dollars and allows you to regain immediate financial stability.

If a creditor has sued, then GEM’s legal team acts as your legal counsel while other staff members simultaneously negotiate and settle the non-litigated debts, held with other creditors.

We will find the most efficient way to accelerate clients through their Program, while securing the most substantial reductions in the amounts owed to creditors.

Our 6 Step Program


Reviewing Financials

Review your financial statements, to begin to devise an effective approach, with the goal of effectively presenting the severity of your situation to creditors.


Collecting Documents

Start collecting your documents to support your case (i.e. pay and EI stubs, T4 slips, records of employment, etc.).


Determining Offer

Determine what you are able to offer your creditors to satisfy your accounts.


Approach Creditors

Start negotiations by presenting your case in a respectful but firm manner, seeking to enhance your bargaining position.


Successful Negotiations

After successful negotiations and payment of funds to your creditors, we will demand formal release letters recognizing the settlements. We will ensure that these positive changes are displayed on your credit report.


Your Future

We provide an additional program called Credit Rehab, to help you stay on track for the future. Our goal is that we never have repeat clients.

Our Program will rid the debt stress from your life and set you up for financial success.

GEM’s fiduciary duty obliges us to serve the clients’ best interests, not the creditors or collectors.