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Licensed Insolvency Trustees. Here's What You Need To Know! GEM Debt Law

Licensed Insolvency Trustees. Here’s What You Need To Know! | GEM Debt Law

GEM Debt Law operates as a law firm dedicated to protecting debtors from financial ruin. We strive to significantly reduce your debt load, by utilizing lawful negotiation strategies against your creditors. Let’s take a look at Licensed Insolvency Trustees and what you need to know.

Licensed Insolvency Trustees aren’t free.

They get 20% of what you pay in the proposal. The more you pay, the more money the Trustee makes. Question whether you are paying too much in your proposal, or if you should be in consumer proposal in the first place. We can tell you the right answer first, so you won’t regret it later and be stuck with the consequences for years.

We are available to help. Contact GEM Debt Law and get legal advice from a representative. It’s free and confidential.

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