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GEM Debt Law- Coming out of the Holidays with a heavy debt load? Try Debt Settlement for quicker debt pay-off

Coming out of the Holidays with a heavy debt load? Try Debt Settlement for quicker debt pay-off | GEM Debt Law

You’re not alone. Credit Card debt can rise in the blink of an eye, during the holiday shopping madness! For many, the situation gets out of control quickly. In 2021, Canadians had spent 31% more on their holiday shopping compared to last year. If this past holiday season impacted your financial situation, we can help!

Debt Settlement can really help you in 2022

Why Debt Settlement? 

Because getting legal help gives you control over your debt situation and power against your creditors. 

Really! But how? 

Unlike Credit Counselling, Gem Debt Law essentially cuts your debts – in half – so you can afford to pay it off sooner (typical results). FYI, reducing your debt load rapidly results in a credit score increase. Highly beneficial if you’re someone looking towards the next big purchase, i.e. home, SUV, credit for vacation or new kitchen reno, etc. There are major benefits to choosing the Debt Settlement path. 

Need more explanation about Debt Settlement?

We engage in our initial discussion with your creditors, in which interest is often the first to get waived. Then, we undertake more rigorous negotiations, in which we provide our predictions of all possible litigation and collection outcomes, backed by evidence and careful disclosure. Our knowledge of the collection industry allows us to counteract collectors and stifle their tactics because we can often accurately determine unfavourable collection outcomes and put bluntly, call their bluff. And so, following negotiations, the principal amount may be reduced – substantially. By starting your Debt Settlement program, you could be saving much much more – by paying less than 50% of your debt amount. That’s right, most of the principal balance can be waived too, depending on the negotiations.

Here is a realistic example of how much you can save by choosing Debt Settlement: 

If you’re enrolling in Debt Settlement today with a $40,000 debt amount, then you could end up paying creditors as little as $15,000 – $18,000 (common result). We take all aspects into consideration (income spread, assets, bills, etc.) and contact your creditors with Cease & Desist Notices, POAs and limited disclosure/hardship packages (And we make sure to keep private, what needs to be kept private). We strive from the outset for the lowest payment option AND create a payment savings plan that suits your current financial affordability.

Contact GEM Debt Law 

We operate as a multidisciplinary Law Firm and our team consists of experienced and licensed lawyers and paralegals, as well as chartered accountants, financial advisors and even former collection agents who only work for You – a consumer with debts. We have the ability to legally represent you and this means collectors cannot contact you. Collectors must therefore only communicate with Gem Debt Law – ceasing contact with you entirely. We will negotiate on your behalf and provide solutions that fit your monthly income, so you can fully pay off your debts, for less than what you owe. This is otherwise impossible for most consumers in debt, as high-interest rates make fully paying debts a never-ending financial strain.

Gem Debt Law’s end goal for clients is to greatly reduce the big amounts owed, by reaching agreements with creditors to waive large portions of the debt balances. (In our experience, it’s extremely difficult for consumers themselves to achieve such settlement agreements with their creditors.) Ultimately, we ensure these reduced debt balances are paid-off and then rebuild each client’s credit score, so they can move on with their life.

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