Canadian Cease & Desist Letters

Stop collection calls with these simple letters.


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Cease & Desist Letter for Ontario


pdf icon copyCease & Desist Letter for Quebec


pdf icon copyCease & Desist Letter for PEI


pdf icon copyCease & Desist Letter for Saskatchewan


pdf icon copyCease & Desist Letter for NFLD


pdf icon copyCease & Desist Letter for Nova Scotia


pdf icon copyCease & Desist Letter for New Brunswick


pdf icon copyCease & Desist Letter for Manitoba


pdf icon copyCease & Desist Letter for British Columbia


pdf icon copyCease & Desist Letter for Alberta

Consumer Protection Agencies Across Canada

If you feel that a collection agency is harassing you or breaking any laws please contact your provincial Consumer Protection Agency via the below contact information.



Service Alberta
Investigation Services – North
3rd Floor, Commerce Place
10155 – 102 Street
Edmonton AB T5J 4L4

Fax: 780-422-9106

pdf icon copy Government of Alberta – Consumer Complaint Form

British Columbia

Consumer Protection B.C.
#307-3450 Uptown Blvd.
Victoria BC V8Z 0B9

Toll Free: 1-888-564–9963
Fax: 250-920-7181

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Consumer Protection BC – General Complaint Form


Consumer Protection Office
302-258 Portage Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
R3C 0B6

Telephone: 204-945-3800 in Winnipeg
Toll Free in Manitoba: 1-800-782-0067

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Filing a Complaint with the Consumer Protection Office – MB

New Brunswick

Financial and Consumer Services Commission
Kings Place (King Tower)
440 King Street
Fredericton, New Brunswick E3B 5H8

Telephone: 506-453-2659
Toll Free : 1-866-933-2222
Fax: 506-444-4494

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Financial and Consumer Services Commission – NB

Newfoundland and Labrador

Consumer Affairs Division
Service NL Government of Newfoundland Labrador
P.O. Box 8700 149
Smallwood Drive Mount Pearl, NL A1B 4J6

Telephone: 1-877-968-2600.

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Newfoundland & Labrador Complaint Record


Nova Scotia

Service Nova Scotia
PO Box 2734
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3J 3K5

Telephone: 1-800-670-4357

pdf icon copyNova Scotia – Online Enquiry Form


Ministry of Government and Consumer Services
Consumer Protection Branch
Box 450
1201 Wilson Ave Building A
North York ON M3M 1J8

Fax: 416-326-8665

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Consumer Protection Ontario – Filing a Consumer Complaint

Prince Edward Island

Consumer, Labour and Financial Services
Justice and Public Safety
95-105 Rochford Street
Charlottetown, PE
C1A 7N8

Telephone: 902-368-5653
Toll Free: 1-800-658-1799

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PEI Consumer Services – Consumer Services


Consumer Protection Office

Toll Free: 1-888-OPC-ALLO (1-888-672-2556)

If you feel a collection agent is harassing you, you may contact the Consumer Protection office by phone, through written inquiry or by visiting one of their offices.


Consumer Protection Inquiries:
Telephone: 306-787-5550
Toll Free: 1-877-880-5550
Fax: 306-787-9779

If you feel a collection agent is harassing you, contact the Consumer Protection Division at the above information.

Free Credit Report Request Forms

TransUnion Free Credit Report Request Form

TransUnion Free Credit Report Request Form

Equifax Free Credit Report Request Form

Equifax Free Credit Report Request Form

Collection Agencies & the Law (Ontario)

Collection agencies must abide by laws and rules set aside by federal and provincial governments. For instance, in Ontario, collection agencies must be registered with the Government of Ontario and must follow any rule set in the Collection and Debt Settlement Services Act.

What happens if I have an account that is with a collection agency?

Collection agencies must provide you a written notice through regular mail before they can contact you via telephone.

The notice must include the creditor’s name, the amount of money that the creditor says you owe and the name of the collection agency. There is also a statement that needs to be written that shows that the creditor has obtained this collection agency. Once the notice is sent, the agency must wait six days before they can contact you via telephone or in person. The Collection and Debt Settlement Services Act defines a “contact” as where the collection agent actually speaks with you. If a collector sends you an e-mail or leaves you a voice mail message, this is also considered a contact. If you do not answer the phone, or they do not leave a message, it doesn’t count as a contact. Regular mail also does not count as a contact. The number of contacts in a seven day period can vary based on province. In Ontario, a collection agency can’t contact you more than three times in a seven day period without your consent.

The Collection and Debt Settlement Services Act has specific prohibited acts when dealing with collection representatives. A collection agency cannot:

  • contact you on any day of the week between 9 p.m. and 7 a.m.
  • contact you on a Sunday, except between 1 p.m. and 5 p.m.
  • contact you on a holiday.
  • use intimidating, profane, threatening or coercive language
  • use excessive or unreasonable pressure
  • harass you
  • charge you any fee

What is a collection agency is calling me when they shouldn’t be?

Collection agencies may be forwarded an account from a creditor with no further instructions besides to collect the debt. You may inform the collection agent of the current status of the account. They cannot keep contacting you if:

  •  you send a registered letter to the agency stating that you dispute the debt and suggest the matter be taken to court. This is a form of a cease and desist notice to a collection agency.
  •  you (or your lawyer or paralegal) send a registered letter with your lawyer or paralegal’s contact information telling the agency to communicate only with your lawyer or paralegal
  • you tell them that you are not the person they are looking for, unless the agency has taken reasonable steps to make sure you are the person they are looking for

What happens if they contact my employer or family?

A collection agency, generally, can only contact your employer once to get your employment information.

A collection agency cannot contact your employer unless

  • your employer has guaranteed the debt
  • you have given them written permission to contact them
  • it’s about a court order or an automatic deduction from your salary (also called assignment of wages)

A collection agency cannot contact your spouse, family member, neighbour or friend except to get your address and telephone number. Some exceptions would be if the person has guaranteed the debt or you have given permission for the person to be contacted to act on your behalf.

A collection agency cannot give false or misleading information to any person. They also cannot recommend that a creditor take legal action against you without sending a notice first.

What if I feel as if the collection agency has violated the law?

If you feel like the collection agency you are dealing with may be breaking the law (E.G. Being coercive and threatening or providing misinformation and misrepresentation), please contact the offices of Rabideau Debt Law. We will be able to look over your case and provide you with information that would help you deal with the collection agencies and your debt.

If you do feel they have broken the rules, you may send them a letter and advise them on what you believe they did wrong and that you expect them to follow the law. If this does not resolve the problem, you may file a complaint with the Ministry of Government and Consumer Services. All complaints should have any supportive evidence and documents.

What if I can’t deal with this anymore? How do I deal with all this debt?

When an account gets sent to a collection agency, the goal is trying to get the payment in full as soon as possible. Obviously, this is difficult for most, so trying to arrange monthly payments can be another option.

Creditors you owe money to might:

  • take you to court and get a judgement against you, allowing them to seize your assets or take part of your salary
  • sell your debt to another person or collection agency
  • report the debt to a credit reporting agency such as Equifax, which could lead to you having a poor credit record

When you are paying off your debt, make sure to:

  • never send cash and always get a receipt or proof of payment
  • not bounce cheques or miss payments
  • contact the agency in writing if your financial situation changes
  • deal only with the collection agency to avoid any confusion

Debt is a stressful topic to deal with. The large payments, constant phone calls and intimidating letters can be overwhelming for some. Remember, you are not alone. The professionals at Rabideau Debt Law can assist you in resolving your unsecured debt. We have programs set to assist you based on your financial needs and help you become debt free with your unsecured debt.

Call us today and let us help guide you to a healthy financial future.

Biggest Canadian Collection Agencies Contact Information

A relatively small number of collection agencies dominate the collection industry in Canada. If you are receiving collection calls from a collection agency in connection with monies owing to a chartered bank, a credit card company, a large retailer, or a major utility or you have an outstanding student loan the odds are pretty high that you are receiving collection calls from one of the following—the biggest Canadian collection agencies.

Allianceone Ltd. (Alliance One)

1220 Sheppard Avenue E. #300
Toronto, ON M2K 2S5
Ph. (215) 354-5511
Fax. (215)396-7255

Allied International Credit Corp. (AIC)

Corporate Head Office
16635 Yonge Street, Suite 26
Newmarket, ON L3X 1V6
Ph. (905) 470-8181
Fax. (905) 470-8155

4200 Boul. St- Laurent, Suite 803
Montreal, QC H2W 2R2
Ph. (866) 368-9718
Fax. (514)868-0195

1200 West 73rd Avenue, Suite 400
Vancouver, BC V6P 6G5
Ph. (866) 259-4317
Fax. (604) 629-0150

A.R.C Accounts Recovery Corporation

777 Guelph Line, Suite 204
Burlington, ON L7R 3N2

General Inquiries
Ph. (250) 953-6900
Toll Free (888) 769-9272
Fax. (250) 953-6999

Client Relations – Ombudsman
Ph. (888) 771-9111
Fax. (877) 206-3824

Human Resources
Ph. (888) 256-5399

ARO Inc.

Corporate Head Office
1001 Sherbrooke E., Suite 700
Montreal, QC H2L 1L3
Ph. (514) 322-1414
Toll Free (877) 322-1414
Fax. (514) 322-5554
Toll Free Fax. (866) 253-5554

British Columbia
111-565 Bernard Street
Kelowna, BC V1Y 8R4
Ph. (250) 762-7070
Toll Free (877) 250-7070
Fax. (250) 762-4111

7030 Woodbine Ave. Floor 7
Markham, ON L3R 6G2
Ph. (289) 789-1001
Toll Free (877) 789-1001
Fax. (905) 470-6595

CBV Collection Services Ltd.

British Columbia
100-814 Richards St.
Vancouver, BC V6B 3A7
Ph. (604) 687-4559
Toll Free (866) 333-4559
Fax. (604) 661-7926

1333 8 Street SW, Suite 315
Calgary, AB T2R 1M6
Ph. (403) 543-0500
Toll Free (866) 922-0500
Fax. (403) 263-3581

242-240 Graham Avenue
Winnipeg, MB R3C 0J7
Ph. (204) 944-8639
Toll Free (866) 887-0749
Fax. (204) 956-5699

1200-100 Sheppard Ave E.
Toronto, ON M2N 6N5
Ph. (416) 482-9323
Toll Free (866) 877-9323
Fax. (416) 482-9359

2 Place Laval, Suite 320
Laval, QC H7N 5N6
Ph. (450) 972-1611
Toll Free (888) 493-4646
Fax. (450) 975-1702

Collect Com Credit Inc.

3680 Victoria Park Ave., Suite 100
Toronto, ON M2H 3K1
Ph. (416) 916-9162
Fax. (416) 916-9163

Collectcorp Inc.

415 Yonge Street, Suite 2000
Toronto, ON M5B 2E7
Ph. (800) 900-4238
Fax. (888) 432-2923

Common Collection Agency Inc.

11 Progress Avenue, Suite 205
Toronto, ON. M1P 4S7
Ph. (416) 297-7077
Toll Free (888) 851-8699
Fax. (416) 297-7439

Contact Resource Services Inc.

2070 Hadwen Rd., Suite 300
Mississauga, ON L5K 2C9
Ph. (905) 855-8106
Fax. (905) 855-2457

Financial Debt Recovery Ltd. (FDR)

Head Office
40 West Wilmot, Suite 10
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 1H8
Ph. (800) 763-3328
Fax. (905) 771-6005

Eastern Call Centre
1117 Ste. Catherine St. W., Suite 920
Montreal, QC H3B 1H6
Ph. (877) 651-9259

Global Credit and Collections Inc.

1490 Denison St.
Markham, ON L3R 9T7
Ph. (905) 479-2222
Toll Free (800) 563-4929
Fax. (866) 915-5199

iQor Canada Ltd.

255 Consumers Road, Suite 130
Toronto, ON M2J 1R4

Consumer Advocacy Group
Ph. (800) 811-4214

Solutions and Services:
Ph. (866) 657-2057
Fax. (514) 493- 7892

Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd.

400-10310 Jasper Ave.
Edmonton, AB T5J 2W4
Ph. (780) 423-2231
Toll Free (888)797-7727
Fax. (780) 425-1522
Toll Free Fax. (888) 252-2022

6811 Century Ave.
Mississauga, ON L5N 7K2
Ph. (905) 819-8939
Toll Free (866) 463-9161
Fax. (905) 858-9166

Bureau 600, 1155 Rue Universite
Montreal, QC H3B 3A7
Ph. (514)878-9444
Toll Free (866) 878 9444
Fax. (514) 878-9422
British Columbia
475 West Georgia St, Suite 430
Vancouver, BC V6B 4M9
Ph. (604) 684-0558
Toll Free (800) 835-7094
Fax (604) 684-0515

MJR Collection Services Limited

7033 Telford Way, Suite 17
Mississauga, ON L5S 1V4
Ph. (905) 671-4151
Fax. (905) 671-2225

NCO Financial Services Inc.

Quebec Mailing Address
75 Port Royal East, Suite 240
Montreal, QC H3L 3T1

Ontario Mailing Address
6700 Century Avenue, Suite 210
Mississauga, ON L5N 6A4

Consumer Hotline
Ph. (800) 550-9619
Fax (866) 269-8669
General Inquires
Ph. (514) 385-4444

Nor-Don Collection Network Inc. (NCN)

Corporate Headquarters
325 Milner Avenue, Suite 1111
Toronto, ON M1B 5N1
Ph. (416) 412-3070
Fax (416) 412-3042

325 Milner Avenue, Suite 1100
Toronto, ON M1B 5N1
Ph. (416) 291-2113
Toll Free (800) 268-5638
Fax. (416) 291-3756

1409 Edmonton Trail N.E., Suite 202
Calgary, AB T2E 3K8
Ph. (403) 276-7243
Toll Free (866) 379-8621
Fax (403) 230-3835

10162-100th Street, Suite 200
Edmonton, AB T5J 0P5
Ph. (780) 426-5800
Toll Free (866) 437-5461
Fax (780) 426-6254

British Columbia
555 Sixth Street, Suite 409
New Westminster, BC V3L 5H1
Ph. (604) 540-1200
Toll Free: (866) 599-8364
Fax. (604) 540-1220

50 Cremazie Blvd. Ouest, Suite 400
Montreal, QC H2P 2T1
Ph. (514) 383-5711
Toll Free (800) 567-7017
Fax (514) 383-3616

Partners in Credit Inc.

9225 Leslie Street, Suite 201
Richmond Hill, ON L4B 3H6
Ph. (905) 886-0555
Toll Free (888) 730-6333
Fax. (905) 886-5784

1255 University St., Suite 503
Montreal, QC H3B 3V8
Ph. (514) 739-2900
Toll Free (877) 677-4214
Fax. (514) 875-9337

1870 Albert St., Suite 260
Regina, SK S4P 4B7
Ph. (306) 525-9843
Toll Free (877) 525-9843
Fax. (306) 525-9870

Total Credit Recovery Limited

Head Office (Ontario and USA)
225 Yorkland Boulevard
Toronto, ON M2J 4Y7
Ph. (416) 774-4000
Fax. (416) 774-4001

British Columbia & Yukon
205-6011 Westminster Highway
Richmond, BC V7C 4V4
Ph. (604) 231-1500
Fax. (604) 231-1570

Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Northwest Territories and Nunavut
10250-101 Street, Suite 1090
Edmonton, AB T5J 3P4
Ph. (780) 423-1515
Fax. (780) 423-1616

Agence de Recouvrement TCR Ltee.
4455 Autoroute Laval (440) Ouest, Suite 295
Laval, QC H7P 4W6
Ph. (450) 680-1800
Fax. (450) 680-1900

New Brunswick/Newfoundland/Labrador
Terminal Plaza Building, 1222 Main St., Suite 5001
Moncton, NB E1C 1W6
Ph. (506) 853-0553
Fax (506) 853-7117