Call Blocking on Home Phones

Stopping unwanted callers on your home phone can be done through your service provider or by purchasing call blocking devices.

In this electronic age where almost everyone has access to a cell phone, home phone use, sometimes called landlines, seems to be declining. Unlike, cell phones, landline phone numbers are usually readily accessible to anyone via your local telephone directory. This means marketing and sales companies, collection agencies, or any nasty unwanted callers will be able to include your number on their daily to call list.

Stopping unwanted callers is not impossible and there are numerous ways of being able to do so. For Marketing calls, you can add your name to the nationwide do not call list registry. Calls from Creditors and Collection agencies however are a different matter. Stopping them from calling you at home may not be as easy as registering your name to a list.

If you have a home phone, depending on your service provider, they may provide a call screening service available to you free of charge or as part of the call display package.

Below are website links of major telephone companies that provide call screening and blocking services:

Bell: How to use Call Screen

Bell Aliant: Call Screen Feature

MTS: Phone Services – Features – Call Screen

NorthernTel: Call Management Services

Primus: Home Phone Service Guide

Rogers: Home Phone Calling Features

SaskTel: Star Codes for privacy and security features

Shaw: Home Phone User Guide

Telebec: Call Screen

Telus: Home Phone Call Screen

If your service provider does not have these services available. There are devices that you can purchase that can block or screen hundreds of creditor and collection calls. These devices may be a better option as service providers limit the number of telephone numbers that you can block from as little as 10 to no more than 30 telephone numbers. Creditors and collection agencies may call from a host of different phone numbers that may exceed this limit. To purchase these devices, you can visit your nearest electronics or on-line store.


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