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Top 9 Overlooked Credits & Deductions

As we approach some important income tax deadlines* I wanted to share something our friend, David Gyurits from Investia Financial Services, shared with us on over looked tax credits and deductions. If you have questions about filing or what options you have feel free to contact David Gyurits. *March 2nd is the last to contribute to your […]

Rebuilding your Credit

Living with bad credit is difficult, as it complicates your life and makes it feel as though you are missing out on opportunities. Rebuilding your credit, whether you have been through bankruptcy, consumer proposal or made mistakes with your personal finances, doesn’t have to be complicated but it takes patience and a plan. Remember your […]

Call Blocking on Androids

Built-in call blocking features Most Android phones allow you to block contacts directly through your phone. The procedure can be unique to your specific Android phone as it varies from phone to phone. Voicemail redirection on Nexus 4 Although not exactly a call blocking feature, the voicemail redirection feature on the Nexus 4 can be […]

Call Blocking on Home Phones

Stopping unwanted callers on your home phone can be done through your service provider or by purchasing call blocking devices. In this electronic age where almost everyone has access to a cell phone, home phone use, sometimes called landlines, seems to be declining. Unlike, cell phones, landline phone numbers are usually readily accessible to anyone […]

Call Blocking for iPhones

One way to block contacts is to manually add numbers to the Reject List. This will prevent your phone from ringing however blocked numbers can still leave voicemail. To Block: Step 1: Go into Settings Step 2: Choose phone option Step 3: Choose Blocked Step 4: Choose number or contact from list of contacts (you may need to […]

Canadian Cease & Desist Letters

Stop collection calls with these simple letters.   Cease & Desist Letter for Ontario   Cease & Desist Letter for Quebec   Cease & Desist Letter for PEI   Cease & Desist Letter for Saskatchewan   Cease & Desist Letter for NFLD   Cease & Desist Letter for Nova Scotia   Cease & Desist Letter […]

Consumer Protection Agencies Across Canada

If you feel that a collection agency is harassing you or breaking any laws please contact your provincial Consumer Protection Agency via the below contact information.   Alberta Service Alberta Investigation Services – North 3rd Floor, Commerce Place 10155 – 102 Street Edmonton AB T5J 4L4 Fax: 780-422-9106 Government of Alberta – Consumer Complaint Form […]

How to Handle Collection Calls at Work

1. When a collector calls you at work, following their introduction, they will likely attempt to verify your information to confirm your identity: Collector: Can I get you confirm your date of birth/address/last 3 digits of SIN, etc.? You: I am sorry but I am not comfortable disclosing or confirming any personal information at work. […]